How we help

Most people find it hard to wrap their minds around the future, especially our greatest fears:

death, illness, and poverty. It's even harder to do what you need to do to protect yourself. One of the most important things we help clients do is talk and think through these fears and take the steps necessary to manage them: buying the right insurance policies, executing estate planning documents, calculating how much money you need to save, and then staying the course in saving and investing. We shepherd our clients through these thought processes and keep them on track to get them where they need to go.

Wealth Management

Advanced Planning + Client Engagement + Investment Consulting/Management

Wealth management is the art, science and day-in-day-out discipline of helping clients frame and solve financial and related problems to live better over time. We help clients leverage and husband their wealth, time and energy to optimize their returns on each.

Advanced Planning

(Financial Planning) = Wealth Enhancement + Wealth Transfer + Wealth Protection + Charitable Giving

You can expect the skillful leveraging of legal, regulatory and financial expertise to enhance and safeguard your net worth. Ensuring the continuity of your wealth is more than just being able to amass significant sums. It is also the ability to maintain and grow it. Together with tax and legal experts, our focus is to capitalize on protecting and enhancing your Personal finances through strategies and investments involving retirement, estate, asset protection, and charitable planning. The best outcomes are often centered on an intelligible understanding of, and planning for, your cash flow needs.

Client Engagement

Those we are privileged to serve appreciate the frequent and responsive connectivity they have with our team. We pride ourselves on being as accessible and available as possible, contrary to industry convention.

Wealth management is intensely client centric. That means it is all about you. Therefore, exceptional Client Engagement is key to the process. In order to help you achieve your objectives, you will be part of a collaborative process to develop a deep understanding of you—your most critical needs, values, goals, preferences, challenges, concerns and dreams. Client Engagement also entails assembling and managing a network of financial and legal specialists who are ideally suited to address your entire wealth situation—and then working in close collaboration with them on an ongoing basis to provide and implement optimal solutions. Our boutique size and culture – combined with the spirit, fellowship, and character of our fiduciary team – stand in sharp contrast to the repeated breach of fiduciary duty on Wall street and the financial services industry.

Investment Consulting / Management

Investment consulting is the professional selection, allocation, monitoring and adjusting of an investment portfolio to meet the requirements and goals, within your determined risk parameters. We utilize a wide spectrum of traditional equity, fixed income, and alternative investments; focusing on a core and explore approach to portfolio construction... capturing broader market exposures with exchange traded and indexed type investments along with select individual cash rich companies with great balance sheets and a sustainable competitive advantage.